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Founded in 1994 by George Ashton and Chris Overington who joined forces as industry experts in anodising and electroplating process chemistry.

Under the guidance of its founders, Alutech built-up a strong reputation in product development and technical support in both anodising and electroplating processes.

The development of Alutech’s market-leading aluminium brightener solution, Ultralyte 170XL in the mid-90s, provided the business with significant forward momentum and is recognised to this day as one of the most effective, high-quality finish brighteners in the market.

In 2000 Airedale Chemical was approached by Alutech to contract manufacture the Ultralyte 170XL Brightener taking on the contract from another incumbent. This step ultimately brought together the two businesses in a relationship that would span 20 years.

In 2020, as part of a strategy to move into higher-value markets Airedale Group acquired Alutech Metal Surface Treatment Limited with the primary objective of delivering additional market growth for the business both in the UK and EU.

Alutech now provides an extensive range of metal surface treatment chemistry covering the entire end-to-end processes of anodising, electroplating and galvanizing with pre-treatment, brightening, etching and passivation agents all available.

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