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High-performance chemical agents for brightening metal parts and surfaces. A key element of the anodising process.

At Alutech, we’re a leading UK manufacturer, supplier and distributor of high-performance metal surface brightening solutions.

We formulate, manufacture and distribute a range of quality chemicals for brightening metal parts and surfaces, a key element of the anodising process.

Our range includes UltraLyte and UltraZinc, providing market-leading brightening technology across a variety of substrates, covering all aspects of the aluminium brightening process.

UltraLyte 170XL is one of our most popular ready-to-use chemical brighteners for manual and automatic plants, providing an exceptional finish and high resistance to transfer etching for aluminium and aluminium alloy parts.

Then there’s UltraLyte 41 — a nitric acid-free solution — as well as UltraLyte EPS, ideal for electropolishing copper, stainless steel and aluminium. UltraLyte 170 FS is suitable for suppressing fumes typically created during some metal brightening processes.

Our UltraZinc range spans AZBS and Zystar, producing ultra-bright deposits with high ductility as part of the zinc plating process.

Products that use these anodising chemicals typically fall into functional and decorative categories. Functional applications can include food and drink cans, foils, nails, gas cylinders, pipes, industrial roofing and more. Common decorative uses can include car alloys, kitchen utensils, handles, bathroom fittings, window frames and more.

Whether a 25L or 200L drum, 1000L container or bulk transfer, we’re able to facilitate brightening agent orders of any size. With a leading distribution network, we can provide speedy, cost-effective delivery across the UK.

Explore the leading Alutech range of metal surface brightening treatment products below.

If you’d like some bespoke advice about brightening agents, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific needs — we’re sure to have a solution for you.

Available products in this category

UltraLyte 170 FSUltraLyte 170 XLUltraLyte 41   UltraLyte EPS
UltraZinc AZBSUltraZinc Zystar

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