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UltraClean SC-AL

Specially formulated for aluminium and its alloys, UltraClean SC-AL is a long-life, non-etch and eco-friendly pretreatment soak cleaner.


UltraClean SC-AL: a high-performance, eco-friendly anodising pretreatment cleaner for aluminium

This high-efficiency product successfully removes a wide range of mineral oils and polishing compounds from aluminium without attacking the substrate.

Cleaning is the essential first stage of the metal surface treatment process. As well as preparing the substrate, it ensures optimal adhesion of the anodising layer to the aluminium.

UltraClean SL-AL is ideally suited to use prior to the anodising chemical brightening and etching processes, as well as prior to the electroplating of aluminium. We advise to add 40 to 60g per litre.

Alutech: a leading UK manufacturer, supplier & distributor of anodising pretreatment cleaners

UltraClean SC-AL is available in 25kg bag pack sizes. With our own distribution capabilities, we’re able to meet the requirements of any client throughout the UK.

To enquire, get in touch with our team today or press the ‘enquire now’ button below. Alternatively, email or phone +44 (0) 1535 636 465.

With over 25 years’ experience in spearheading product development, we are a market leader in metal surface treatment solutions — discover more about other pretreatment cleaning products or explore the wider Alutech product range.

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Available in the following sizes.

25kg Bag

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