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Blacking salts

Ultrablack blacking salts provide excellent coatings on a variety of substrates producing a uniform black finish.


High-performance chemical agents for brightening metal parts and surfaces. A key element of the anodising process.


Ultradox range is excellent at removing smut from aluminium surfaces following the etching stage.


Ultraetch products provide fine etch finishes for aluminium substrates whilst preventing scale formation on tanks and heating coils.

Mist supressant

Ultramist has been developed to reduce sulphuric acid fumes during the anodising of aluminium.

Nickel electroplating

Our Ultramax range of products are designed specifically for the nickel electroplating process providing brightening, wetting and levelling properties.


The Ultrapass range of products provide excellent passivation solutions across both functional and decorative applications


Our Ultracon range is designed to degrease and derust a variety of metal substrates ready for passivation


Anotin provides single shot maintenance for the electrolytic colouring of anodised aluminium

Pre-treatment cleaners

High-performance surface metal pre-treatment cleaners for aluminium substrates, suitable for electro cleaning and heavy duty powder cleaning as part of the anodising or electroplating processes.


Ultraseal provide excellent sealing of metal substrates

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